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Inspired by Design Interiors Interior Designer Wausau, Wisconsin



Is interior design for only large budgets/higher end spaces?

Design is for anyone or any place that wants an emphasis on creating a visually delightful environment.  Inspired by Design works with all budgets and time lines.


What if I can’t afford everything right now?

​Many clients request a plan, and add when budget and time allows.  This will provide a map of sorts to let you create your best space.


What can you do to help me sell my house?

I can provide a plan that will help highlight the best features of your home and discuss how simple things like color choice, storage and furniture placement can make your home more attractive to buyers.


How do you charge?

Fees are $95 per hour, although fixed fees can be arranged for projects with a more defined parameter. 


What is the normal process?

It begins with an initial consultation to assess your needs. Then we create together a plan that will match your budget and space.  Sometimes clients are not sure of what they want in a space and others have a special, cherished object that sets the tone of the room.  Either way, we are confident that we can create the traditional, modern, eclectic, cottage, old Hollywood, natural, artistic, country, Art Deco, whatever you desire space that you will love.

Inspired by Design, LLC

Sara R. Haumschild, WRID, ASID
WI Registered Interior Designer


2737 N. 44th Ave.

Wausau WI 54401


Inspired by Design Interiors Interior Designer Wausau, Wisconsin
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